Dropped Pie

A web series in twelve, four minute expositions

How far would you go to be the top dog in the cut-throat world of gourmet? Dropped Pie is a black, comedic tale of just how much can go wrong when food gets in the way of friendship.

Charrlotte is the owner of The Silver Spork, a fine-dining restaurant. She has created a culinary sensation that is the talk of the town, Dropped Pie. It’s not just pie, it’s pie that has been dropped. Lauded by Wellington’s premiere food blogger, Roger Bellamy, Charrlotte has been propelled into the spotlight and diners are queueing around the block for a chance to sample a morsel.

Watch the story unravel through the lens of the cameraman sent to record the phenomenon, Mike. Can Charrlotte even cook? What’s the story behind the Michelin-starred Chef running her kitchen? And who is the mysterious Kitty de Luge? (P.S. Kitty was the one who picked Charrlotte up in her orange mini in Vajazzle!)

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

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