"A blinged babe goes below the belt to take revenge on her binge-drinking boyfriend."

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The Story

Charrlotte has everything planned. She's gone through the pain of de-fluffing her nether regions, then vajazzling her vajay-jay, so as to inspire some extra special sexy time with her man on their anniversary. Not only that, she's preparing his favourite meal – just like Mama used to make it.

But clearly Dave is oblivious to how good he's got it. He's gone on the rampage at the pub and is getting down with the boys. When Charrlotte finds out, she's furious. And sets her mind on revenge.

Vajazzle is Nathalie Boltt's second short film. Her first, co-directed with Rodrigo Films partner, Clare Burgess, was a big hit at film festivals around the world. As satisfying as that was, we were left feeling that not enough people had the opportunity to watch it, so this time round, with the help of our principal sponsor, RegimA (who make all the skin creams that keep Nathalie looking so damn hot!), our other sponsors, Strip Wax Boutique and Hell Pizza, and an army of freakin' awesome crowd-funding pledgers, we are able to spice up your Valentine's Day and release this little gem directly to the world and bask in the glory of a wave of gasps, red-cheeks, awkward date moments and facepalms. Share the love with all your friends! Or even your enemies! Viva la revolucion!

How we made it

After a succession of near-misses with the national film funding commissions, we decided to ask the people of the world whether they wanted to see "Vajazzle - the short film" brought to life. This was no easy task. The muzzling of the minge is not an easy subject to slip into casual conversation, so we decided to run a crowd-funding campaign on the Pledge Me platform. We made a little teaser to give a taste of our intentions. You can watch that one below!

The campaign was a resounding success. Yes, the people of the world spoke loud and clear! They wanted to see this story, and we were more than happy to oblige.

We had so much fun creating our campaign teaser that we decided that we had to follow it up with an update.

The fund-raising campaign wrapped up on a Monday and by Friday we were in our first location, setting up for the first night of shooting. We had a dizzying two-night shoot that culminated in a 5am wrap on Sunday morning, with the whole crew trying not to corpse as the great Jonny Brugh owned his final, vile scene.

The Cast and Crew

Nathalie Boltt

Nathalie Boltt

Writer/Director/Lead Actress

Nathalie knows a lot about revenge vajazzling filmmaking. She's best known for her roles in front of the camera in blockbusters like District 9 and Doomsday, and on NZ and international TV in Step Dave, Bloodlines and Inspector George Gently, to name a few. But she's also a deft hand behind the camera. Her debut short film, The Silk, co-directed with Clare Burgess, won a whole bunch of festival awards. Now it's time for a bit of a comedic turn. But be warned - this comes with a kiddie-lock and if you've got a ticker it will tick quicker!

Jonny Brugh

Jonathan Brugh

Lead Actor

Actor/Comedian, Jonathan has been performing his unique brand of comic story-telling for 20 years. He is perhaps most recognised for playing Deacon in the breakout hit, What We do In The Shadows, and Carl in How To Meet Girls From A Distance. When not gracing the stage or big screen, Jonny had been a TV regular on hit shows like Pulp Comedy, The Jackie Brown Diaries and Tall Poppies.

Aline Tran

Aline Tran

Director of Photography

Cinematographer, Aline, has captured the breathtaking imagery in NZ films like Existence and The Red House, along with a slew of snappy shorts. She's no stranger to massive movie sets, and has recently finished an epic stint as stereographer on the Hobbit trilogy. Her eye for detail and technical rigour will ensure that no flu-flu shot is (unintentionally) fluffed.

Gabrielle Stevenson

Gabby Stevenson

Production Designer

Gabrielle Stevenson oozes fabulousness from every pore of her stylish self. She has an outrageously good eye for all things design and has displayed her cutting-edge costumier skills on such awe-inspiring projects as Peter Jackson's The Hobbit and the Emmy award winning Reservoir Hill. She headed the costume department on the hit TV series Girl vs Boy for three glorious seasons and is in constant demand on commercial and photography sets. But we've got her now. Oh yes, she's going to bling this thing.

Philip Boltt

Philip Boltt


Yes, Philip is Nathalie's partner - but he assures us this is not an auto-biographical work. Perhaps a little too emphatically. Phil brings the technical know-how to the party, gleaned from many years supervising the pipeline development on the Weta Digital motion-capture stage, and just as many working as an editor and post-production supervisor back in ol' South Africa.

Full Credits


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Our fabulous Pledgers!

This short film would not have been possible without the incredibly generous contributions of a wide group of amazing people. Long live the democracy of the crowd! We thank each and every one of you for helping us bring this little gem into existence.

You're viewing this on a small screen! That makes it super difficult to list all our pledgers and special thank-yous without making you scroll forever! Please view our site on a bigger screen to see this amazing list of people.